MAIL-IN Service

Not able to make it to one of our locations? Try our Mail-In Recovery Services. Start by following process as below.

  • Fill out Job form

    Complete Job form then you will get your job number. We will use this job number for our future conversations. You will also receive job invoice and mailing address where you need to send your device.

    We will also send you an email with attachment of Job Invoice and Mailing Address. Please keep safe these documents for future usages.

  • Ship Your Device To Us

    After filling JOB FORM you will receive our office’s mailing address where you need to send your device.

    * When posting your device to us, please pack in a cardboard box with at least 3-4 cm of bubble wrap on all sides to protect it from further damage.

  • We will handle the rest

    • We will test your device then give you a quote to seek your approval before starting work.
    • Approve the quote then we will start our work. Or decline the quote and you may collect it from us.
    • If your data is recovered, we can copy the files to another device or provide you with a link to download the files if you prefer.